Insight into the Brain; How can science improve the care for the healthy brain?

Date: 29th of January 2020

Location: Hiša eksperimentov

The Science Café event took place at the premises of Hiša eksperimentov. The event was organised in cooperation with Slovenian association for neuroscience SiNAPSA. The lecturer, Dr Maja Bresjanac also works at the Institute of Pathological Physiology as a neurologist.

In the beginning a brief description of brain characteristics were introduced, then the economic cost of brain disorders in EU was given to develop the reason and importance of neurological research.  The discussion then focused on history, presence and future of neurologic research, including optogenetics, gene therapy Zolgensma, and research programmes in EU and USA, project Human brain and The brain initiative.

Then were introduced the difficulties of becoming a scientist, the development of critical thinking and passion for research topics, guidelines and methodologies for repeatability of science experiments were introduced. How to read science results, how to research and write a science article, and how to develop as an explanation procedure with a (non) selective method. Following the lecture, a networking break with a debate among the audience proceeded.

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