Science Communication Training- Module 1

The participants are back from Trieste and they can’t wait to apply what they’ve learnt to their every  day job and to achieving the goals of the project! The following topics activities were carried out/discussed as part of the training event:

  • Workshop on priorities and different possible aims of science communication events.
  • Science and society: engagement, participation and governance; exploring science communication frameworks and models.
  • Children and Young People within Higher Education: the role of higher education institutions in changing the life perspectives and improving the science capital of many children and young people.
  • Workshop and discussion on gender, social inclusion and target audiences; how science can prove to be a useful tool to empower people, especially children and teens to reinforce their freedom to choose their future and change society. 
  • Gender issues in science exhibitions: presentation and workshop about how science is represented in science exhibitions and museums with a focus on women and girls. 
  • Science Shows: Group exercise on organizing a show, with the aim of using emotions, storytelling and other creative techniques to turn a 30 second experiment into a 10 minute show.  
  • Science Cafés: how to organize a science café. An activity was carried out: Reverse Science Spritz (in a café) to spark debate about a chosen topic (Neuroscience).

Thank you Sissa Medialab for this informative short training course on Science Communication! 


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