Science Communication Training- Module 2

The third and last training course was held at Trieste in November 2018 by Sissa Medialab. Science Communication Training- Module 2 was a continuation of the first training module offered by Sissa Medialab in April 2018.

Participants came back excited and full of ideas and now they can’t wait to apply what they’ve learnt to help achieve the goals of the project and to develop the intellectual outputs and prepare events to reach as many people as possible.

The following topics were discussed as part of the training event:

  • The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of science engagement.
  • How to evaluate how our public engagement activities and events affect the target audience, whilst taking into consideration stereotypes, skills and STEM education resources which are already available.
  • Delivering STEM engagement to young people through the use hands-on activities (Molecular Biology was used as an example).
  • How to use storytelling as a communication tool to inspire kids to take up STEM subjects and STEM careers.
  • Using online resources and games such as SCRATCH to communicate research by using gamification, simulations and simple live experiments.
  • Relationship between Art & Science- art and science can work together to enhance each other. Art can be a creative tool to use for people working in the STEM industry to present the work that they do.
  • Using Art to communicate research – example of digital art was given to explain artificial neural networks and algorithms.
  • Using citizen science as a tool to bring STEM, science issues, science careers and research closer to society.

Thank you Sissa Medialab for this informative short training course on Science Communication!

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