Second Transnational Meeting

The second transnational meeting took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2018. It was a great opportunity for project partners to meet up again to discuss project outputs.

The first day of the transnational meeting consisted of all partner organisations presenting their research study and what each partner country understands by the word ‘VET’ and whether or not their education system includes an alternative VET pathway to careers in STEM.

With regards to the De-Stereotyping Stereotypes open education resource pack, gender issues were discussed in depth, linking to personal experiences and the research study. It was agreed upon that the resource pack will be developed targeting decision-makers who teach or inspire children aged 4-12, since it’s an ideal age to positively influence kids on careers and STEM skills. The aim will then be for science centre employees and educators to use the resource pack to create a discussion with a group of kids whilst also exposing them to a range of real-life professionals who work in the STEM field by using photos and narratives.

A brainstorming session was held on the tablet/mobile application which will be designed for students aged 13+.  MCAST, being the coordinating organisation, took the ideas on board and will be presenting how they envision the app to be in the third transnational meeting, which will be held in Malta in March 2019.

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