Third Transnational Meeting

The third transnational meeting took place in Malta, in March 2019. It was the right time to get all the project partners together and getting to meet new colleagues that have joined in this project. We began the session with the Impact+ Exercise, this helps with keeping track of the aims and desired impact of the remaining outputs and activities.

The first day of the meeting was focused on Intellectual Output 3: De-Stereotyping Stereotypes Open Education Resource Pack. Project partners were invited to give an overview of what they aim to produce for this output. Each partner had the opportunity to discuss further their progress on their respective resource pack, whilst getting feedback from the rest of the partners.

The second day of this transnational meeting was mainly focused on Intellectual Output 2: Application. This output is being developed by the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, MCAST. MCAST gave a detailed presentation of the steps and the process undertaken so far. After a brief introduction on the creation of this app, the group was treated to a short demo of what the final product promises to look like.

We then went ahead and started discussing on planning ahead for the student career cafes & science communication training. We discussed together about what works when you want to empower people during these workshops.

The next event which will take place in October 2019, will be the launch of ‘De-Stereotyping Stereotypes in STEAM Careers’ Open Educational Resource in Slovenia. Summer 2019 certainly seems to be a hectic one for the RAISE Project team!

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