The project involves the participation of 6 partner organizations from 5 different European countries who are currently working towards raising awareness on STEAM subjects and careers:

Esplora within the Malta Council for Science and Technology, Malta

Coordinating organisation

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), acting for and on behalf of the Foundation for Science and Technology, is a public body established by central government in 1988 with the mandate of advising government on science and technology policy. In 2016 MCST set up Esplora, an interactive science centre, the first of its kind in Malta. Esplora’s vision is to cultivate a culture of scientific curiosity and creativity with the mission of igniting a passion for questioning, investigation and discovery.  As a science centre, Esplora has experience in organizing workshops, science shows and events as a non-formal learning tool for different audiences. Through hands on workshops, visitors are exposed to STEM careers and have the opportunity to develop key skills needed such as the ability to work in a team and to communicate, creative thinking, critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. Such hard and soft skills are valuable both for the education and employment sectors.

Sissa Medialab, Italy

Partner organisation

Sissa Medialab is owned by the SISSA University (International School for Advanced Studies). Sissa Medialab was set up in 2005 and offers international training courses in science communication, provides consultancy for the development of permanent and temporary exhibitions, and has been involved in various European projects to develop science communication innovative programmes. Recently Sissa Medialab has been particularly engaged in the promotion of the active participation of children and young people in the dialogue between science and society, as agent of social and institutional changes. Sissa Medialab also designs and coordinates outreach activities for schools and wordks a lot with researchers on the most effective ways to communicate science.

Luxembourg Science Centre, Luxembourg

Partner organisation

Luxembourg Science Centre (LSC) is the first science centre of Luxembourg and has been operating since late 2017. The LSC’s primary mission is to awaken STEM vocations and thus the exhibits designed for the science centre were built with this aim in mind. LSC also has strong connections with industry, in particlar with the steel industrty, and is recognized as a major institution critical for future economic development by Luxembourg’s Government, the European Union, leading foundations acting in education, as well as by academia and industry.

Hiša eksperimentov, Slovenia

Partner organisation

The House of Experiments (HE) is a hands-on science centre and is the place where the enjoyment of learning, promoting of science and humour intertwine. In HE visitors can interact with over 50 hands-on exhibits with all being developed, designed and build in HE. HE also have experience in organising science communication events and activities which reflect good practices of RRI and it is taking part in the process of building a knowledge-based society. HE have been involved in various FP7 and H2020 projects throughout the years.

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, Malta

Partner organisation

The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) was established in 2001 “to provide universally accessible vocational and professional education and training with an international dimension, responsive to the needs of the individual and the economy.” Since its inception, MCAST has encouraged a broader spectrum of students and alumni to follow its vocational qualifications with various entry and exit points, providing the optimal opportunity position to respond to current industrial trends and the corresponding vocational skills needs. MCAST is widening its portfolio and building solid grounds in Research and Innovation and is developing further internal research capacity to meet the demands of Government and added value industry.

Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland

Partner organisation

Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) has over 16 years in the development and delivery of interactive exhibitions, programmes for schools, community audiences, families and adults. GSC’s Vision is for people to value science and technology to inform decision making, empower individuals and enrich lives. GSC have developed an exhibition for their science centre titled ‘My World of Work Live!’ in partnership with Skills Development Scotland. My World of Work Live! is a pioneering venture bringing together Career Guidance and Public Engagement to create an exciting, vibrant and worthwhile experience for visitors to GSC. The goal of My World of Work Live! is to make a significant contribution towards a skills and learning system that helps individuals reach their career potential, reducing the skills gap and driving excellence in science for a prosperous Scotland.