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Partnering up to RAISE the profile of STEAM opportunities | Glasgow Science Centre

Partnerships with other science centres and institutions are something that Glasgow Science Centre is really proud of, and so we wanted to take a moment to highlight our most recent example of working closely with others to deliver shared objectives.

Interview with Radio Mocha Malta

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Embracing sustainable development goals through creative arts

Esplora Interactive Science Centre, a department within the Malta Council for Science and Technology, has announced the start of a three-year Erasmus+ project ‘C-SDGs; Embracing the Sustainable Development Goals through Creative Arts’. The project is a strategic partnership action co-funded under…

RAISE gets a mention in THINK MAGAZINE!

Over the last four decades, STEM industries have risen to great heights. Scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical minds have been called to rally. And the demand continues. How can you contribute?

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