What’s Next?

Fourth Transnational Meeting- May 2020:

The fourth transnational meeting will be hosted by the Luxembourg Science Center- Groussgasmaschinn in May 2020.  During the meeting, partners will be discussing the way forward on the final stages of the project and dissemination events. Stay tuned for more information!

First Multiplier Event- Launch of ‘De-Stereotyping Stereotypes in STEAM Careers’ Open Educational Resource- Slovenia:

On the 29th of October 2019, Hiša eksperimentov launched the ”De-Stereotyping Stereotypes in STEAM Careers” open education resource pack.  This event was a success and visitors had the opportunity to participate in the activities making part of the resource pack. 

Within the framework of the project, in addition to the House of Experiments (Slovenia), Sissa Medialab (Italy), The Malta Council for Science and Technology (Malta), Glasgow Science Center (United Kingdom), Luxembourg Science Center (Luxembourg) and The Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology  (Malta), have issued a freely available source of De-stereotyping Stereotypes and STEAM Careers ’. The purpose of the publication is to promote a diverse range of professions, read interesting interviews with various European researchers and find activities to embark on the path of personal or group de-stereotyping.

Third Transnational Meeting- March 2019:

The third transnational meeting was hosted by the Malta Council for Science and Technology in Malta on the 13th and 14th of March 2019. During this meeting, partners got an opportunity to discuss the progress of the open education resource pack, together with the mobile/ tablet application that are being developed. This was also an opportunity to discuss the way forward on the upcoming multiplier events.

Staff Training Event- November 2018:

The third and final short term joint staff training event will be held in November 2018 at Sissa Medialab In Trieste, Italy.  

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Second Transnational Meeting- September 2018:

The second transnational meeting will be hosted by Hiša eksperimentov in Slovenia on the 6th and 7th of September 2018.During the meeting, partners will be discussing the way forward on how to research output and the training provided can now be applied to produced the open education resources of the project. 

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Research Output

Project partners will be working together to develop a research study which focuses on the project’s main aims- it will thus include VET and VET subjects, policies, statistics, skills, skills gap and careers. Keep an eye out on the project’s resource page for a copy of the study!

Staff Training Event- June 2018:

Members of staff from the six organisations will be flying to Glasgow Science Centre in June 2018 for a short term job shadowing experience. The week long agenda will include a tour of My World of Work! exhibition, sessions on how to develop outputs to engage with disengaged groups through science centers and what they have to offer, how to develop workshops to inspire and challenge students to take up STEAM-related careers and  how to work closely with Industry Experts to see how collaborations between science centres and industry can encourage uptake of STEM subjects.

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Staff Training Event- March 2018:

The first short-term joint staff training activity will be organised by Sissa Medialab. The training will focus on science communication and how to include science and society, gender and social inclusion when developing activities aimed to empower students and visitors and how such issues need to be kept in mind when developing the intellectual outputs of the project. Attendees will also have the opportunity to get first hand experience of what it means to organise a science café and exchange good practices on how to develop science shows and workshops to communicate science in a different way to engage more students during the multiplier events being organised as part of the project.

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First Transnational Meeting- November 2017:

The launching workshop/first transnational meeting will be held in Malta and will be used to form stronger ties between the partner organisations, to discuss the preset objectives of the project, the implementation of activities to take place, and how they will feed the creation of the open education resources.